Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gods, Genes, Conscience: April Dialogues

Dear Readers: Please feel free to review the Contents of my book and biography in Gods, Genes, Conscience ( worldwide release 2006); and/or here (Google Books Search 2007) or here ( Look Inside 2008). A list of global booksellers near you can be found here. Thank you all for scrutinizing!

Immediate Posting: The following Commentaries (developing thinkings) were made in response to the concerned articles, sources, and dates listed in April 2010, so as to promote the Good Dialogues worldwide. Thank you all for reading and scrutinizing!

[RE: A heretic among the neo-atheists!?

Well done, Chris Mulherin!

However, I think the problem is that the infallible "high priest" of the so-called "neo-atheism" Richard Dawkins, will never concede his "irrationalism" in science and religion issues to the truthful philosophical and scientific arguments of the issues -- such as one that your argued above -- since the publication of his 1976 pseudoscientific pseudo-genetic book The Selfish Gene as one review that I recently presented here: "Let's begin the Dialogue and Reconciliation of Science and Religion Now! -- RE: Darwin Year in review: The folly of neo-Darwinism & Dawkinsism (or Darwinism as atheism fallacy) -- May the real McCoys (both the scientific and critical thinkings in biology) prevail in the 21st century and beyond!?" (PhysForumEU; February 1); and here: "Harris versus Dawkins, modern day Euthyphro dilemma -- RE: Nihilist-atheism vs. Atheisms of sages!?" (SanFranciscoApologeticsExaminer; April 1).

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